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Life after Sochi: Moscow, London, Paris, & Amsterdam.

Posted by Bo | April 22nd, 2014

Bo in Red Square

After Sochi I went on a bit of a whirlwind tour of Europe. I should warn you–don’t ever invite me to come visit unless you mean it, especially if you live somewhere like Moscow, London or Paris. I’m quite likely to take you up on the offer, as a few of my friends recently learned.

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Sochi 2014: From Russia, with Love.

Posted by Bo | March 18th, 2014


I’m sitting in Rose Marine, a bakery & coffee shop here in the Adler District of Sochi, Russia, on the banks of the Mzymta river. This is the first place we found a good cup of coffee within walking distance of our hotel back in February, a lifetime ago.

Walking around this town the past two days–after the Olympic & Paralympic torches have been extinguished–emotions are running high. There is the trill of success, the seemingly audible sigh of relief, a glow of pride, and fear of the impending crash.

Thrill that for a few weeks in 2014, this town on the Black Sea was one of the most important places on Earth. Relief that the games went as well as they did. Pride that these Russian people were able to be an integral part of something so successful on the world stage.

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Sochi 2014: Day 30. Ski jumping, train riding, priorities, and whole face smiles.

Posted by Bo | February 28th, 2014

Ruski Gorky Ski Jump Center

One morning during the last week of Olympic Games, I got up at 6:30am after the better part of 3 hours sleep to catch a ride back up the mountain to Ruski Gorki Ski Jump Center. I’d not yet had a chance to see an actual event at a venue other than my own, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Jumped. Hah.

Just before the competition began, I looked up to see Lucie, the flower ceremony coordinator for my venue walking my way. We both had to be back at the Iceberg Skating Palace for figure skating that evening, so we arranged to meet back up for the train ride down the mountain after lunch. A great surprise that meant I had a Russian translator if needed.

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Sochi 2014: Day 23. A mountain village, a coastal town, old friends, & new.

Posted by Bo | February 20th, 2014


I just put an “X” through Day 23 on our wall calendar in the control room, leaving only 3 more event days here at the Iceberg Skating Palace. The past few weeks have been reduced to a blur in my slightly sleep deprived state.

Since I last wrote, I’ve managed to squeeze a few random adventures into the workday. I’m in one of the few venues that doesn’t get a full day off during the entire stretch between opening and closing ceremonies, making it a little tricky to do much exploration. That, plus the fact that I knew nothing about the transportation system, seeing as how I walk to my venue from the hotel every day.

On Saturday, however, a friend from Auburn, who is working up in the mountains for USA Today sent me a note that she finally had a free evening. It worked out that I did as well, so I did some research and figured out how to hop a bus up to Rosa Khutor, the mountain village you’ve no doubt seen on the tv.

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Sochi 2014: Day 18. Chalk hearts, soda water, Jack Higgins, and one big ass planet.

Posted by Bo | February 14th, 2014

Olympic Rings and Torch

Happy Valentine’s Day America! Family, friends, and those little chalk candy heart things, I miss you all.

For those who have asked, I have no Russian bride yet to spend Valentine’s Day with. My thriller of a day will involve a lot of dudes in tights prancing about on skates.

Posts have slowed down here–and on several of my friends’ Sochi blogs as well–likely because we’ve all fallen into the rhythm of our new-found everyday life.

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